Warehouse Eroto 9

Musclehunks 3 Way Wrestling Jackoff

$29.95 plus shipping and handling 

Featuring Fireman Dave and his Firefighter buddy Jay naked wrestling in very hot erotic matches with lots of grappling grunts and groaning! Jay is then challenged by Gary and more steamy matches ensure between these two powerhouse studs and the match continues as Dave jumps in and gets more than he bargained for as he is beaten and humiliated with forced cock sucking by Jay. A hot three way sucking and blowjob fest ensues and ends with all three men taking it to the gym showers for climaxing in hot steamy baths with fondling and groping in the stall. Hardons and big dicks abound in this feature video by Globalfight.com Rated XX for graphic sexual content including ball squeezing, cockfights, erotic M4M wrestling matches with plenty of sweating on the mats.

Length: 60 minutes

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