Boxing Erotic 2

Nude boxing, bondage, uniform, workout

$24.95 plus shipping and handling 

Boxing Erotic 2 features 210 pound Army private working out on the bag and the weights. Then a hot match between Brad and Steven who happened to be visiting from Amsterdam and what a beating Steven received from big 260 pound Brad! Eric happens to stop by at the wrong time... Brad might have outmatched Steven but Steve gets his revenge working over Eric's gut! Gary and Steven have a gut punching/chest pounding match and Gary ends up on the floor and gets his pec worked over red! Gary then works out on the heavy bag naked followed by a shower and then some nude posing in the hot tub. Techboxer (promoter of Battle of the Boxers) works out with his 250 pound buddy and shows off his finely tuned ebony body!

Length: 90 minutes

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